Dr. Edmund Lee, PhD, is a renowned orthotics expert in Malaysia. As the third generation of orthotics and prosthetic experts in the family, Dr. Edmund is committed to continue the family legacy, expanding beyond LEE Prosthetics and Orthotics (LPOC), which was founded in 1978. As a family business that aims to serve the large community of orthopaedic surgeons in Malaysia, Dr. Edmund decided to take it one step further by setting up MyORTHO in 2010.

Prior to the setting up of MyORTHO, Dr. Edmund pursued an extensive education in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. After completing four years of orthotics and prosthetics training at the University of Salford, UK, he gained valuable experience by working with various orthotics departments in Stoke-on-Trent and London, UK, for two years. Upon his return to his home country, and armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Edmund started MyORTHO Footcare Specialist Centre. It is also the first centre in Malaysia to be accredited by PFOLA (Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association).

Dr. Edmund continues to strive for excellence. Specialising in manual therapy, and with a special interest in the field of Foot and Ankle Biomechanics and Scoliosis Management, Dr. Edmund is also a proud member of:

  • British Association of Prosthetist and Orthotist (BAPO)
  • Pedorthic Footwear Association
  • Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association (PFOLA)
  • International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO)
    Australian Pedorthic Medical Grade Footwear Association

Today, engaged in the service and marketing of niche prosthetics, orthotics and assistive care products, MyORTHO supplies a range of high quality orthotic products to orthopaedic surgeons, doctors and healthcare practitioners. At the same time, MyORTHO also reaches out to the masses by providing orthotic services, as well as orthotics care products and footwear to patients and consumers.

Dato’ Dr. Edmund K H LEE DIMP SMP AMP PKT Phd(USA) BSc(Hons)UK

Renowned Foot Orthotics Expert in Malaysia

  • State Registered Orthotist & Prothetist (UK)
  • Certified Pedorthist (USA)
  • Clinical Specialist in Foot Biomechanics (AUS)
  • Specialises in Foot Manipulations & Lower Limb Dry Needling (AUS)
  • President of Malaysia Advancement Prosthetics and Orthotics Association
  • President of Malaysia Pedorthics Footcare Association

In 2011, Dr. Edmund was listed in The Prestige’s “Top 40 Under 40”. A short year later, he founded MyORTHO Academy, reaching out and providing top-quality orthotics training for doctors and healthcare professionals. The opening of Dr. Kong Retail Concept Stores and MyORTHO Care Concept Stores in Malaysia are also part of Dr. Edmund’s goals – helping patients achieve mobility and independence that would drastically improve their quality of life.

MyORTHO also runs various footcare, knee care and back care courses for the public to help further educate the public on the importance of orthotics, with the aim of continuously provide orthotic and prosthetic education and service to patients and their families, community healthcare providers, and the general public.

Currently, Dr. Edmund sees patients at MyORTHO Centre Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Kota Kinabalu.His skills in diagnostic treatment, ability to prescribe and design orthotics and prothetics for patients has earned him recognition from medical peers. He also has the honour of being elected MRCA (Malaysia Retail Chain Association) Council Member for the term of 2014-2016, as well as being the MRCA Youth Chief for the term of 2015-2016.

In addition to that, Dr. Edmund is also a regular guest and feature on various TV and radio programmes. He has been invited to contribute written articles and columns for various magazines such as Health Today and Parenting. Dr. Edmund has also been interviewed and featured in some of Malaysia’s leading newspapers – The Star, The New Straits Times, and The Edge.

Not one to be stingy with information, Dr. Edmund believes in sharing his knowledge. Through various orthotics-related seminars and workshops, Dr. Edmund aims to provide continuous education in healthcare integration. He is also the author of two books – “Back To Your Feet” and “The Ultimate Guide To Footcare In Malaysia” – through which he speaks to the public on the best ways to care for their feet.

In recognition of his work and contribution to the industry and society, he was awarded the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) in 2014, which carries the official title of Dato’. His continued commitment to the well-being of the community has earned him the much deserved credibility, trust and support from medicaldoctors, allied healthcare professionals and patients alike.